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Professional English Language Tutorials

Demanding but very practice-oriented tutorials meant for students who would like to learn English to levels of competence going much beyond the requirements of any school curriculum and to be able to use the language with ease and confidence in any kind of everyday, educational and professional settings all over the world. My unique tutorials are also for students preparing for Cambridge English Exams and for those thinking of studying at UK and US universities.


A UK trained and qualified teacher of English as a foreign language with more than twenty years’ experience of teaching general English and Cambridge English Exam classes to one-to-one students and groups of students in private language schools and higher and secondary state educational institutions in the UK and Poland. An experienced UCAS and Oxford guidance counsellor and Cambridge Assessment Admissions testing officer.

Passing my deep passion for the English language and culture to hundreds of students and equipping them with this invaluable near-native communicative competence in English that is becoming more and more indispensable in the modern world.

162 students with Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), more than 60 students with Cambridge First Certificate of English (FCE) and more than 80 with the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), 22 students with IELTS.

Numerous laureates and finalists of The National English Language Olympiads for senior high and junior high school students (including the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places). A legion of laureates and finalists of national and regional English contests for senior high and junior high school students

Dozens of my former students studying at Oxford and other top universities in Great Britain and the USA.

The longstanding leader and head of the English Department, the Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre, the UCAS Centre, The University Guidance Counselling and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Service Centre at XIII LO in Szczecin.


It is achieved, and the harder you work to achieve it the more luck you will have in the future.


This kind of language training (one to maximum two students) is the most effective way of learning a foreign language and quickly improving all your language skills. It allows for a level of intense and personal focus that is hard to sustain in a larger group setting - you gain the most on your performance, creativity and perception.

My lessons are styled after Oxford tutorials and tailor-made to suit the students’ needs and abilities.

My methods ensure quick and effective development of all key language skills to allow students to use English fluently and naturally in a variety of contexts and situations.

Through my classes students also develop creativity and independent thinking and get inspired to reach goals which otherwise might seem unattainable to them.

All in all, my individual classes offer the following benefits:
The chance to learn from the best – from an inspirational English teacher who through his passion, commitment and innovative teaching methods will boost your language skills and develop your creativity and critical thinking; who will show you how to learn independently and challenge you with an interesting and intellectually demanding workload.
Individual attention, guidance, evaluation, progress monitoring and feedback on self-study work.
Focus on your specific needs, problem areas and academic, professional or personal goals.
Interesting, stimulating and inspiring content which together with the pace and intensity of the course is customised to your level of competence, perception and language acquisition abilities.
A well-stocked library where students can borrow reading materials in English - books, newspapers and magazines.
Complete immersion in English.


If you want to master the language, get involved and practise as much as possible.


General English at levels ranging from Intermediate (B1) to post-Proficiency (C2+)

Cambridge exams preparation courses (FCE, CAE, CPE. IELTS)

Problem areas classes (conversation skills, writing skills development classes (writing for exams), grammar classes, etc.)

Studying abroad for an English-taught degree. UK and US University guidance counselling - guidance and help in the daunting and overwhelming process of choosing the right course, the right university and the right country and then in the application process itself.

Placement tests

Language skills tests and exams

Library with English books, magazines and newspapers

Self-study materials for students

He most of all provides you with conditions to learn the language.


so prepare well, put in the hours and you will achieve your goals.


English Language Tutorials

Weekly teaching time - 1 class per week

Times and days availeable - Times - flexible and negotiable. Days - Tuesday to Saturday

Max class size- 1-2

Lesson duration - 60 or 90 minutes

Course duration - September to June

UK and US University guidance counselling

Weekly teaching time - once a week

Times and days available - negotiable

Max class size - 1

Length of each session - 60 minutes

Price per person per month (paid in advance) - depends on lesson duration, number of lessons and students

English will set you in a corridor for life and open doors of freedom, independence, respect, happiness and opportunities along the way.


Should you need more detailed information, send me an email or give me a phone call.

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Jarosław Skowroński Professional English Language Tutorials
Szczecin, Al. Wojska Polskiego 42, 2nd floor, room no 7

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